Details: Erin + Bill

We LOVE the details from Erin and Bill’s wedding!  They completely transformed a HUGE gymnasium at their church into a Central Park themed celebration!  Friends and family came together to create all of the beautiful details…

Erin’s bouquet:

Letterpress programs by the oh-so-fabulous Chocolate Butterbean:

Their Christian ceremony incorporated influences from their travels in Israel:

The bridesmaids’ bouquets:


Street lamps were scattered throughout the room:

The groom’s cake was a Oreo cookie tower with a milk fountain!

Miniature versions of all of their favorite foods kept the guests bellies happy!  Who doesn’t love mini hotdogs and teensy mac-and-cheeses?

In a balcony, a full-service coffee shop was underway, with baristas making special lattes:

Guests picked up tickets for a carriage ride outside:

The whole wedding is coming right up!

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