Robert Henry, Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to photograph concert pianist Robert Henry, who just recorded his first album. Robert and I tossed around several ideas for location, and we wound up shooting at the beautiful Ambient Plus Studio in downtown Atlanta. This daylight studio was exactly what we had visualized, and Steinway came through with delivery of a gorgeous piano for the shoot.

We spent 2 hours creating this first set of photographs; we’ll be taking to the streets next week for Part 2.  (I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for some mild weather!)

Here are a few favorites…

The Westin Boston Waterfront

FUN FUN FUN! I got to travel to Boston to create images for a cookbook being published by The Westin Boston Waterfront hotel.   My sister Katie began working there a couple months back, and when this cookbook project fell into her lap, she asked me to submit a bid for the photography.

2-day photo shoot + visit with my sis in Boston = yes please!

Not only did I get the job of creating the photographs, but Dan will be designing the cookbook!

The hotel staff wear these name badges that also share the individual’s “passion” — cool idea, huh?  Well, Katie’s idea was to use an image like this one for the cookbook cover.  Not sure if this will wind up as the cover, but I love the idea anyway!

The cookbook will include recipes for a number of sauces.  These are some of the ingredients.

Over the 3 days I was in Boston, I spent some time documenting the Westin kitchen at work.  If you’ve ever shot (or worked) in an active commercial kitchen, you know how crazy it can get in there!  I loved the challenge of creating interesting images that captured the vibe of the kitchen, all while avoiding the grit and grease that naturally come with the territory.  

 Sauciety is the hotel’s scrumptious restaurant. (If you’re in the Boston area, stop by and order the fries with whiskey ketchup. YUM!)

Chef Nicholas.

Crab cake.

Lobster mustache.  (What else would you call it?!?)

The Westin’s lobby is WONDERFUL.  Wide open spaces, warm stone floors, and dried birch trees filling the room.

Back in the kitchen…

Chef Lucien.  

Three chowders.

I was kind of obsessed with these throw pillows…

Chef Cedric.

*Drool.*  Cedric’s desserts are to die for!

Chef Roy and Chef Brian.

Who does that with their bacon?  Really?  Love it.

The team.

Big, fat THANKS to the incredible folks at The Westin who made me feel SO welcome, and gave me so many beautiful dishes to photograph!

Vote! Amir Farokhi's Campaign Kickoff

Tuesday, April 14, marked the official kickoff of our neighbor Amir’s campaign to be the Atlanta City Council, Post 2 At Large council member.  It was a huge honor for me to tag along on his day-long campaign around the city, taking MARTA (Atlanta’s public transit) from neighborhood to neighborhood and sharing his vision for our city.

I got started with Amir at his loft at 8am, where he was typing away at e-mails.

The “At Large” position means anyone who lives in Fulton County will have the opportunity to vote for him in November.  Whatever your political affiliation, get out and VOTE in your state and local elections!

Amir and a few team members walk to the Martin Luther King MARTA station.

Seeing improvement to Atlanta’s public transit system is hugely important to Amir.  Our city is already suffering under a huge traffic burden, and it will only get worse unless we act now to improve transportation options for residents and visitors in Atlanta.

These two little kids on the train were pretty fascinated by my camera.  They wanted to know why I was taking pictures of Amir, so he stopped to chat with them and their mom.

First stop: West End MARTA station, 9:00 a.m.

Amir visits with a local West End banker about the financial issues currently facing this neighborhood.

You just can’t walk the city of Atlanta and not stop at Krispy Kreme!

We checked in at this AWESOME West End coffee shop, The Grounds.  Get a cup of the African Red Bush tea (caffeine free!), and leave a dollar in the Good Karma Jar.  :)

Second stop: Radial Cafe in Candler Park, 11:30 a.m.

Supporters review the schedule over lunch at one of my favorite Candler Park lunch spots.

Third stop: Buckhead via the Lindbergh MARTA station, 1:00 p.m.

Amir answers a question from the audience about fiscal accountability…

…and visits with a local man about keeping our city safe for pedestrians.

Amir checks in with team members at the next stop before hopping onto the train to Midtown.

Fourth stop: Outwrite Bookstore in Midtown, 2:45 p.m.

Amir took a moment to rehydrate and rest before speaking to a small crowd at Outwrite.  He’d been walking through the city for nearly 7 hours at this point!  (If his feet weren’t sore, mine sure were!)

Just down the street, we stopped to chat with fellow photographer Louis Foster, who owns a thriving portrait studio in Midtown.  I first met Louis in 2005 when I worked for SimplePhoto’s support team, so it was fun to see him again.

Fifth stop: Downtown, City Hall, 5:00 p.m.

Amir takes the stairs toward the front of City Hall.

Announcing his candidacy on the steps of City Hall…

Last but not least, we hopped on the bus back to home and our sixth stop: Grant Park, 7:00 p.m.

At this point I have to note that at EVERY SINGLE STOP we arrived faster than the team traveling by car — even when we took the bus!

At The Standard, Amir’s campaign manager, Howard Franklin, speaks to a packed room of supporters, including another of our wonderful neighbors and political activists, Tom Houck.


State Legislator Margaret Kaiser gives Amir a hug after announcing her endorsement.

Amir visited with locals late into the evening.

We love our neighborhood!  Nothing better than getting to walk home after chowing down at The Standard.

Amir, THANK YOU for such a wonderful experience!  You know you have our support!

**Update: Learn more about Amir’s campaign at

Dinner with PriceWaterhouse Coopers

Every year, PriceWaterhouse Coopers holds a dinner to welcome their new partners, and honor the partners who are retiring. I was honored myself to be asked to photograph the celebration!

The dinner took place in one of the beautiful rooms at Atlanta’s Cherokee Town and Country Club. Each retiring partner received a small gift from Tiffany & Co.

…and dinner guests wrote notes to each partner on personalized note cards.

A new partner gets a squeeze…

When cocktail hour was over, a wonderful man in a tuxedo walked through playing a dinnertime tune on a little gold xylophone:

Some laughs during the speeches…

This was the first course of the night: DELICIOUS crab cakes!  A little table was set up for us by the bar, and we were fed like queens!

Here is Chris, my PWC contact and the lady who made sure I got to partake in the amazing food!

More speeches…

THANK YOU, PWC for letting me share this evening with you!  

And a big, fat thanks to my friend Lauren Wright, who came along to keep me company and share in the scrumptious food.  You’re the best!

Ty Pennington for Porter Novelli

BIG, ENORMOUS thanks to our friends Kate and Matt Altmix for taking a vacation this week and referring Porter Novelli to us for a corporate event (which I’ll shoot tomorrow). That “some-kinda-press-release-thing” referral led to me creating some portraits of Ty Pennington today on a white-hot rooftop overlooking Atlanta. Ty was awesome, the Porter Novelli folks were fabulous, and we all sweated buckets in the short 5 minutes we spent shooting.

Here’s two for them:

And one for me:

Another big gracias to my awesome husband who retouched all the dust from my filthy sensor! ICK.

Headshots! Pogo Pictures

Recently we were contacted by Pogo Pictures to do some shots for their directors that will go on the bio page of their brand new website, which is in the works. I had the pleasure of photographing Angel, Zach and lead Director and Pogo’s founder, Steve. The guys were really nice and super-easy to work with, and I wanted to share my favorite shots from all 3 shoots.

Be sure to check out Pogo’s site, they make some really awesome films!