Engaged! Melissa + Hunt

I have to give credit to the two awesome couples who are responsible for bringing my friend Melissa into my life!  Melissa was a bridesmaid in Alissa & Ben’s wedding, then a guest at Michelle & Tomi’s wedding… after bumping into each other over and over again, we finally figured it was time to hang out in person.  Melissa’s friendship has become really special to me, and I’m so happy to see her with a man who clearly loves her so much!

Since we became friends, Melissa would tell me all the stories about how much she loved Hunt, and how much she hoped he would propose… SOON!  So finally getting to see her with a ring on her finger was a really exciting moment, and meeting Hunt (who doesn’t live here in Atlanta) for the first time made me see exactly how perfect they are for one another!

A couple weeks ago Dan and I met up with Melissa and Hunt to make their engagement photos.  We started at Atmosphere, where Melissa and Hunt had their first date.  The nice folks at the bistro were kind enough to let us in before they had opened so we could snag a few photos!

Next stop: the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  When we got to the Gardens, the rain had just let up, and a faint rainbow appeared in the sky!

LOVE the Orchid House at the Botanical Gardens!  It’s perfect for rainy day photos!

We felt like it was only fitting that we be included in the last shot of the day!

Melissa and Hunt, we are SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to celebrate with you two in October!  You are absolutely perfect together, and we’re honored to be part of this journey with you!  OXOX

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Vote! Jason Carter for GA State Senate

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th, Dekalb County residents will vote for their new state senator in a special election. (Get out and vote, folks!) It seemed the right time to share some shots I took of candidate Jason Carter as he campaigned throughout the county a few months back…

We stopped by Jason’s house for a few minutes, and I got to meet his precious family!

A BIG thanks to Jason’s staff for all their hard work in bringing people together for photographs!  Best of luck tomorrow!!!

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Boudoir Day at Stonehurst Place

These are just a few photos from my last Boudoir Day at Stonehurst Place in Midtown, Atlanta. Seriously, ladies, this award-winning bed and breakfast is an AMAZING place to book for your boudoir shoot! I highly recommend booking a room for you and your sweetie, and enjoying a little boudoir shoot with me while you’re there! This shoot took place in the Master Suite, which has tons of gorgeous light, adorable furniture, a huge comfy bed, and a bathroom that is to die for!

Thanks to all the gorgeous women who came out for the shoot! You were all so much fun to work with!

And a VERY special thank you to my stylist extraordinaire, Cayla Roberts, who provided me with stunning hair and makeup — as always! You’re the best, Cayla!

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Married! Eleanor + Eric

When we had coffee with Eleanor and Eric a couple months back, we couldn’t believe how laid-back they were about their upcoming wedding.  They sat at the table with the calmest, most serene expressions, clearly just happy to be together, and anticipating their future together.  We were sure that they would get at least a little bit frenzied by the wedding day, but instead they were just as calm as they’d been eight weeks before — still relaxed and ready to become husband and wife!

Jennifer and Stephanie from Bob Steele Salon did Eleanor’s hair and makeup.  See those eyelashes?  Those are 100% Eleanor’s.  Amazing.

Eleanor sitting in the sun in the corner of her parents’ kitchen…

Dan photographed Eric and his groomsmen getting ready at Midtown’s luxurious W Hotel

At First Presbyterian Atlanta…  I’ve heard a lot of women say that they first felt like a bride when they put on their veil.  I’m not sure if that’s how Eleanor felt, but she definitely walked around like a princess from the minute the veil went over her hair!

Eleanor’s mom helps wrap her sash…

The groomsmen…

LOVE how this little guy put his hand in his jacket!


The bridesmaids…

I’m not sure what these flowers are, but the bouquets designed by Kathy with Parties to Die For were absolutely stunning!


Waiting for ceremony time…

Eleanor’s mom adjusted her earrings…

Eric’s mom and brother wait for their turn to walk down the aisle…

I love Dan’s overhead shot of Eleanor walking down the aisle with her father…

The newlyweds…

Just a short walk across 16th St. took Eleanor and Eric from the church to the High Museum of Art for their wedding reception!

Their first dance…

Eric and his mom…

Eleanor and her dad…

Hand-rolled sushi and fresh stir-fry from Woodruff Center’s Restaurant Associates filled the guest’s bellies!


My heart melted when I saw this shot of Eleanor that Dan captured, while she and Eric were cutting their wedding cake.  Little moments like this are what make our job so special!

Bubbles to end the night!

Eleanor and Eric, thank you so much for being so INCREDIBLY laid-back and wonderful to photograph!  It was an honor to celebrate with you!

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Christ Church Suwanee

Our friend Mike Lefevre planted a new church in Suwanee, Georgia, about a year ago, along with some other ministers. Their congregation is growing, and Mike invited me to come to Suwanee and photograph a worship service and spend the afternoon with some of the members of the church. It was really cool to be on the documenting side of a church service, rather than the participating side!

Thanks, Mike, for inviting me to share this day with your church family!

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